Wednesday, April 2, 2008

in which I lose teh funny and buy an axe

I've been tracking my blog on Google Analytics, and my readership appears to be down. To those faithful 15, I thank you! To those that have left: I vow to be more funny. Perhaps my 5-minute Battlestar Gallactica show wasn't funny enough. And nobody thought the drunken soulless date was funny. And although I think POOP NOAH is the funniest thing i've ever heard in my life, some may not agree.

So, in the hopes of reviving teh funny, I present you with Craig's 31st birthday present, the
Dragon's Edge Of Wrath Dragon Fantasy Art Replica Axe Wall Decor Collection by Hamilton Collections.

According to the website, "These limited-edition dragon replica axe collectibles are available exclusively from The Hamilton Collection, and each is meticulously handcrafted and hand-painted for thrilling detail. You'll be mesmerized by the mirrored orbs, simulated gems and rich golden touches on these replica axes, and the axe blades that reveal fierce battle in vivid color. But don't wait - this dragon-slaying decor makes dramatic fantasy art keepsakes or collectible dragon lover gifts, and demand is sure to be strong! Order now!"

So, don't get that for Craig on May 5. Because it's already taken.


Frogs Mom said...

Wow! That is a steal at $39.95. Oh, and I loved your poop thread. I was reading it on Google Reader and giggling and DH got irritated b/c I wasn't telling him what I was laughing at. He doesn't appreciate poop stories as much as I do so I just told him it was about poop and he let it lie. Though I think he did enjoy it when he read it today.

stinestrain said...

well I hope craig isn't one of your 15 readers, or you just blew his birthday present surprise bigtime :P

must look into this google analysis thingydoo.