Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I want, I want, I want is what you say...

My friend's daughter enjoys a TV show with extremely catchy songs that are highly relevant to toddlers, and I have so much trouble getting them out of my head. For example:

I want, I want, I want is what you say
When you see a toy you think you want to play (with)
I want, I want, I want is what you say
So a grown-up or a friend knows what you need from them!

Makes sense, right?

Except now that every time I think or hear the words "I want", all I can think about is the song. Right now, I want a cupcake. I crave a cupcake. My body longs to embrace the atoms of cupcakeness and become one with the frosting. But the desire for a cupcake is battling the annoyance of that song, which makes me not as hungry.

Blech. I want to forget that song and eat a freakin' cupcake.

Note: The cupcakes pictured perfectly embody the cupcake I want. Chocolate with fluffy white icing and doodads. Click on the image for a link to, a Portland bakery that apparently makes outrageously attractive cupcakes.

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stinestrain said...

I want a cupcake
I want a cupcake
they're yummy and sweet and good to eat
I want to bite it
I want to chew it
I want to swallow it down into my tummy

I want a cupcake