Tuesday, April 8, 2008

hungry for orange

Have you ever noticed how when you're sick, you crave foods that are not healthy foods?

The thought of vegetables or fruits is repellent right now. I just want to eat things that are orange. Hideous, fake, fluorescent orange.

I want microwave macaroni and cheese, Cheetos, orange Izze soda, orange juice, and tangerine flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans. The only non-orange things I want are frozen All About Girl Scout Cookies. Just reading this post, i'm disgusted, but that's seriously all I want to eat.

The human body is a freaky, freaky thing.

P.S. I had a dream last night that Craig decided to change his name. To "Dirk Dee Pitt". He was trying to combine Dirk Pitt and Billy Dee Williams so he could be a debonair underwater CSI agent.


Frogs Mom said...

Maybe you can have Dirk, err, Craig dye some chicken orange. Then you can stuff orange piping hot chicken skin in your gob. Just trying to help you eat something healthy here. Really.

delilah said...

I neglected to mention the 3 pieces of Bojangles fried chicken skin I ate yesterday because I took so much flack last time I mentioned my... unhealthy obsession with chicken skin.

But it was an integral part of my return to health plan, I assure you.

Valerie said...

I knew a Dirk DeHart in high school. He wasn't superhero-like tho. Unless being Mormon counts.

Frogs Mom said...

Now did you eat anything other than the skin?

delilah said...

Yes, I ate the meat off two wings and half a biscuit.

And an orange Izze.

But the chicken skin was the important part.