Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Boba Fett, bibliophile

Our daughter is an odd bird. She likes motorcycles just as much as dolls and prefers cars to stuffed animals, but she's more into purses and shoes than most women I know. So when she brought Craig this Star Wars book today and pointed at the armored gentleman on the cover, saying, "Helmet?", Craig told her,

"That's Boba Fett".

She repeated, "Bubblevett".

He asked her, "What does Boba Fett do?"

And she responded, "Read".

And he said, "What does he read?"

And she said, "Book".

So, apparently, our 19 month old daughter sees the galaxy's most feared Mandalorian bounty hunter as a studious man, a bibliophile in a helmet.

Apparently, she will be just as much of a dork as we are.


Valerie said...

oh my god, i am crying laughing at this. :)

delilah said...

See, Val? Having kids is FUN!!

Valerie said...

Hey D,

Do you do lolcats?

delilah said...

HOLY CARP, VAL!! Now I do! I just read through page 8 and laughed so hard I almost hurled. That is freakin' hilarious! Thank you! I needed that?

ps. Why aren't you at SIOP??