Tuesday, April 1, 2008

always fight the zombies

By which I mean, always keep fighting against the enormous, swarming numbers of undead skinbags trying to break down your door and steal your soul.

Or, in this case, telemarketers.

Some frakking jerko telemarketing company has been calling my house at 8am every morning and hanging up before I can get to the phone. I did *69 this morning to get the number, and they are apparently a fake charity organization that claims to give donated clothing to various worthy causes but probably just sells it. They sometimes call themselves "Inspire Atlanta", and their pick-up van is unmarked and yellow, according to people who actually got to talk to them on the phone. If you get a call from 678-405-9636, please, please torture them. I just registered a complaint on the Federal Do Not Call Registry. Because, you know, we asked people not to call.

Anyway, I hate that somehow these jerkos, and apparently an entire undead zombie hoard of jerkos, got our number. We have not donated anything recently, mainly because we don't help anyone who won't send us mail, and they'll never send mail. I often wonder if someone is playing a nasty joke on us, because we're getting a call a day from phony folks wanting our money.

Stupid zombies. My point is this: anyone who calls me before 8am, after 10pm, during Cleo's naps or during a family dinner had better have good old Southern news about a birth or a death, or i'm registering a complaint with the freakin' FCC.

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