Wednesday, March 26, 2008

pilates vs. pirates

Did you ever notice there is only 1 letter different between piLates and piRates?

That's what convinced me to try my first Pilates class at the gym today. Well, that, and the fact that my iPod is out of juice and the spinning class I tried yesterday made my bojango bones hurt like hell.

And i'm not sure what to think. Some of it was hard, some of it was easy, some of it made absolutely no sense. I got so bored sometimes that I just watched the instructor's thong peeking in and out of her baggy pants and tried to contemplate why anyone pretzaling themselves in front of 20 people would choose to wear a stringy-dingy t-back. Ouchie.

Lots of odd breathing, silly stretches, slight movements, some of which i'm pretty sure are physically impossible. No sweating, no achiness, no "general exercise exhaustion".

But when I walked out, I'm pretty sure I stood at 5'10", having inexorably gained 5 inches during class. So that's how celebrities do it! Well, that and a strict combination of barfing and personal chefs.

There were, however, no pirates. I repeat, no pirates. There were planks, though, and I felt groggy afterwards, and I had to look at other peoples' booties. So maybe that's just pirate-y enough to work.

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