Saturday, March 15, 2008

oh, shenanigans!

While on our overnight vacation in Helen, GA, Craig and I had an unusual opportunity to watch TV. We are possibly the only people in America who don't have cable or satellite or digital or [insert current technology here], so having 20 channels and a remote control made us feel like high-falutin' city folk. We ended up watching Dr. Phil, possibly because it was the campiest and most ridiculous thing we could find. And there we learned of the No Cussing Club.

This 15 year old kid decided that he didn't like cursing, and he started a club to encourage others not to curse. He designed hideous fluorescent orange shirts and started recruiting a bunch of sheepy kids with signs, and now he's on TV. And it's just horrid. For so many reasons.

1. Free speech. It's America. We don't like being told to do things, especially not by sanctimonious teenagers who think they know everything.
2. If you take away curse words, but you're using substitute words, don't they become cuss words themselves? For example, this kid uses "shizzle" or "shenanigans" instead of sh*t. So now shizzle and shenanigans are curse words, because that's how he's using them. I guess he's thinking form over function, but I disagree. He's just a fudgy little shizzle-head know-it-all. But that's not cussing, so it's okay.

3. If this kid has so much charisma, tenacity, and guts, why isn't he doing something to actually *help* the world? Crusade for peace, against homelessness, to help pandas, anything that will cause a sincere change in the world. But, no, he takes his chance as Freshman Messiah to encourage people to avoid using curse words. What a waste.

In conclusion, this is exactly why I don't watch TV. Everyone's a fuc*ing idiot.


Frogs Mom said...

OMG your labels are cracking me up. Like 'fudge.'

I think we're on the same page here though I don't want my kid using the words I do when he's in public. There was a city recently that I ran across in my web surfing that talked about something similar. Technically it wasn't illegal, but you'd get a stern talking to by one of the locals. Fuek that.

stinestrain said...

ok now, let's not paint all TV with the same brush as Dr. Phil. C'mon. I hope you weren't passing up Food Network for that "shizzle" ;)

delilah said...

We didn't have food network. It was, like, 20 channels. Bravo was my favorite of the bunch. But we're not really "watch people cook" people, anyway. We all know I can't cook. ;)

stinestrain said...

you've obviously not seen the food network recently... it's not "watch people cook" it is high quality entertainment. that also makes you hungry.

damn food network ;)

and if ya watched food network maybe you'd feel more confident in your cooking ability (which I think is just fine)