Friday, March 7, 2008

my little hazel nut

While I was feeding Cleo some noonies (aka. lasagna) in the afternoon sun, I noticed something wonderful. Her eyes are the exact same shade of murky pondwater hazel as mine. Her hair is halfway between my color and Craig's color, and her toenails and fingernails are all Craig, but these eyes are all me. They started out the color of pencil lead, but now they're just lovely.
Check it out. Cleo is on the left, obviously, and I am on the right.

Pretty cool, neh? I only hope she got my genes for color and his genes for actual eyesight, because she's just too cute for glasses.

Also, I am sick of home improvements. I want my bathroom back. I feel like i'm staying in a hotel room. But, oh, that tile is sexy.


MindfulMama said...

so cool :-)

explain to me why my eyes are blue and hubby's are green and we have 3 brown-eyed daughters....I don't get the science.

delilah said...

Something about a Punnett square. Or perhaps you ate too much chocolate while pregnant? =)

stinestrain said...

I will take your home improvement guy. luckily I don't need any bathroom stuff done!