Friday, March 28, 2008

me, the ruiner

Here is a little taste of our date night conversation as we left On the Border with margaritas and nachos sloshing in our tummies:

ME: Where should we go now?
CRAIG: I don't care...
ME: Ooh, there's Lowe's! We could stop there really quick and I could return all this crud and get a new shower thingy so we can have cold water again!
CRAIG: NO, you should not destroy our marriage by making this date soulless!!!
ME: ?
ME: Ooh, we could stop at that Starbucks!
CRAIG: NO, that Starbucks is THE NEXUS!!!
ME: ?
CRAIG: (matter-of-factly) I mean, it's the nexus of where the Darkside intersects.
ME: Wow, two margaritas really does ya in, huh?

That's all. All i'm allowed to blog about, at least.

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