Wednesday, March 19, 2008

is that.... hair gel?

There's just something about The Biscuit. Perhaps it's her winning smile, her adorable bangs, or her mischievous nature. Or perhaps there's a reason her smile is a bit puckish. She's a miniature explorer, and only baby gates and drawer latches can stop her. Mostly. Which is why daddy needs to be careful where he leaves his gym bag.

I left the "safe room" for 5 minutes on Sunday and returned to find my daughter squatting amidst daddy's products, covered in Garnier Fructis hair gel and smearing herself with Old Spice deoderant.

After mopping her off, I can see why she was in there. She needed to do her hair, as the final result shows.

One nice, long bath to remove the hair gel head and lasagna face and one call to poison control later, and her head smelled like daddy's armpit for the rest of the weekend.

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