Saturday, March 1, 2008

i eat hearts

I have a new obsession. I eat hearts.

Not really. Not literally. Not real hearts. Not even those deliciously chalky ones from Valentine's Day. But I want to collect hearts on etsy, because hearts can help get sales, and I want to sell some work. So now i'm networking, chatting, forum-ing, critiquing, hearting other people so that they may, in turn, heart me. And then I can eat their hearts. Like that dude from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

As of Thursday, I had 11 hearts. That means that 11 people went to my etsy store and clicked on "Add This Seller To My Favorites". Now I have 27. My goal is 30 by the end of the night. Then I can sleep well. Ha! That's 28.

I am a woman on a mission. I always stink at promoting my artwork in real life, but I don't mind being so aggressive online. I used to think "favorites" were for things you genuinely admired, but I have learned it's a networking tool of the "use it or lose it" sort. My naivety was alarming.


Ah, the pleasure of the hunt. The hunt for hearts.

(To eat.)

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stinestrain said...

argh, farking blogspot just erased my comment.

i heart you. I really do, and I did ;)

I loooooove this one: