Saturday, February 16, 2008

who do? voodoo!

Who do I want to smack today?

* people who don't use turn signals
* people who get in the left lane and go exactly 5mph over the speed limit
* artists who are too full of themselves and/or have no sense of humor
* parents who talk on their cyborg implant devices on the playground while ignoring their children
* magazines with wildly contrasting messages regarding weight and natural beauty
* Terra Chips, for making such delicious Sweets and Beets
* the movie Juno, for not being available on DVD yet
* Lush, for discontinuing my two favorite products, Potion Lotion and Skinny Dip shower gel
* the chick who cut my hair too short

To whom do I want to give a cookie today?

* my husband, who totally cracks me up and makes me laugh so loud in public that people look at me disapprovingly, and who also takes me out for tasty food
* my daughter, for being a jolly little dude most of the time (but a healthy, non-sugary cookie)
* my friends, for being cool, especially the day after I barfed, when folks called to make sure I was still alive
* Paulie Bleeker
* that really cool boxer (dog, not pugilist) I saw at the park today
* the school bus driver, for taking a chance on an unknown kid
* Terra Chips, for making such delicious Sweets and Beets
* iTunes, for allowing me to craft a rockin' CD of lots of songs for which I would never, ever buy the albums, and Adrienne and Evan for setting me up with iPod and iTunes-- w00t!
* Rite Aid, for marking down some fun mineral makeup today that makes me feel pretty
* LA Fitness, for having the good sense to offer a bellydance class and for finding a great instructor
* me. I am the bat! And I like coookies!

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