Wednesday, February 27, 2008

thank goodness it's not Tim Allen

For the first time in our home ownership experience, we are conducting home improvements. We are total babes in the woods, so we're very thankful that my buddy Heidi gave us a great recommendation for a handyman, or we'd be paying Lowe's $80 to install a light bulb. His prices are great; he's prompt, quick, and articulate; he lets Cleo play in his tool bag, excepting wire nippers; and he doesn't have plumber butt. And our house is emerging, bright and shiny, from the 80's.

So far, we have replaced the dining room chandelier, previously a charming white ceramic with gold accents, with a more fashion-forward black iron/torture device model.

Our laundry hall light now looks like an elegant copper and glass breast.

Our downstairs bathroom has neither toilet nor floor, but the new light fixture and faucet in brushed nickel are gorgeous. Soon, the porcelain tile (and returned toilet) will make the room lovely, and i'll probably paint the vanity as well. The giraffe watches the improvements with his usual benevolent eye.

The disposal in the kitchen works for the first time since last May, although it smelled like the inside of an old man's mouth last night. To whoever stuck a fork into the disposal at Craig's birthday party, a special circle of smelly hell awaits you for not telling us!

The hideous cut-glass fan from the living room has been replaced with a beautifully sleek one in brushed nickel and maple that reminds me of a wooden rocket ship.

Still on the bill: new upstairs light, new foyer light, new tile for the downstairs bath, new fan in the master bedroom, new fan in the spare bedroom, new carpet in the living room, and a complete rehaul of the master bath: tile, new shower door, new faucets, new hardware, a coat of paint.

All in all, a very exciting week, although I had to buy a regrettable amount of light bulbs.