Monday, February 25, 2008

it's on the SAT, for pete's sake!

I hate people/companies who insist on trying to force their customers into outmoded ways of doing business. For example, I want to have some carpet installed, so I found someone online and emailed them my details, requesting a quote or more information. So they emailed me back requesting that I call them on the phone.

Okay, see, if I wanted to CALL someone, I would use the phone book and a phone.

But I used my computer because I hate talking to people I don't know on the phone. See how that works? PHONE is to CALL as COMPUTER is to EMAIL. Basic SAT fodder.

So guess who didn't get my business? That guy. Capitalism works again.


Frogs Mom said...

I had the same problem when looking for a cleaning person back in CA. Silly people. I went with someone else too.

stinestrain said...

I totally hear you. Hate talking to strangers on the phone. But you know that. ;)

Blair said...

That's so funny. We were just talking about this very phenomenon at the ICAN MNI on Weds. So annoying.