Wednesday, February 20, 2008

hide n' seek

I love a good hunt. I hate to admit it, because it makes me feel like some pathetic 50's housewife at a church rummage sale, but I seriously love a good bargain.

Like tonight, for instance, I snagged a really killer little painting on for $22, as shown above. It's going to look awesome in my bathroom, once I get the room painted and pimped out. Just an energetic little still-life, but it totally captures my imagination and makes me happy. There's just nothing better than supporting talented artists at a reasonable price, and then getting t
o look at a unique piece of artwork every day that just makes you smile. My most recent favorite, a portrait hanging in the upstairs hallway, has become like a family member, such that we call her "Amy", and Cleo says goodnight to her as part of her bedtime ritual.

Night, night, painting lady!

And then, my favorite hobby twice a year: the consignment sales. Like basket-bearing locusts, we bargain-shopping mamas show up at churches, civic centers, and fairgrounds to paw through thousands of tidbits of used baby paraphernalia and then enjoy "1/2 off Saturdays". (Unfamiliar? Check out That way, when Cleo smears avocado and berries all over herself with a butter knife, I can smile smugly, knowing I only paid $1 for her shirt. If you had told me when I was 15 that I would one day respond to "Cute outfit!" with "$The whole thing cost $3.50, can you believe it?!?", I would have written much more depressing poetry.

But it's the little victories, and I am fortunate to have a lot of them.

Oh, and I posted more paintings. Go, Bad Duck, Go!

(Yes, I had the wrong etsy address. D'oh. Thanks, Emile!)


Emile said...

I think that's the wrong etsy address, no? It should be:

The other doesn't go anywhere. =)

delilah said...

D'oh. You're right. Thanks!

But my husband admonished me for hawking my etsy wares on my blog... so I guess that's what I get. =)

stinestrain said...

where else can you promote your own etsy wares if not on your blog, silly.

I thought the comment about the outfits and writing more sad poetry was hilarious. craig obviously doesn't get the mommy humor.

delilah said...

It's okay. The inside joke about muscles and balls made him spew Dr. Pepper out his nose at work, so I feel redeemed.