Friday, February 8, 2008

buy my stuff!

If you're not in love with etsy, prepare to swoon. It's like crack. is a website where artisans and craftsmen of all levels and sentiments can sell their homemade stuff for very reasonable fees. It's not an auction site, like eBay, just straight-up supporting the artist. I buy lots of art, soap, findings, jewelry, etc. there, and you should, too!

My shop is located at, and I just put up some little watercolor sketches of pregnant historical-type ladies. I've got several things on the table to post, including a collection of Defenestrated Duchesses, some lively little mixed media pieces about pollywogs, and some random oils from my already abandoned "painting a day".

Seriously, in a world full of Wal-Mart and fake paintings at Starbucks, indulging in real art by real people will do your heart good.

Or, if you're slightly evil, you can find some absolutely hideous art there and laugh your face off. I once saw a charcoal drawing of a hand with 5 penises for fingers going for $69. No buyers, as yet, but there's hope.

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