Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We laughed, we cried, it was better than CATS!

As in, we all laughed while playing in the snow, Cleo cried when we took her inside, and we are assuming that a child's first snowfall is better than CATS, but we're not sure, because we didn't get to see it. The Fox will allow us to exchange tickets for another showing, though, so that'll be nice.

IT'S SNOWING! IN GEORGIA!!! We haven't seen snow since 2003, so it's quite a treat. Our neighborhood is so fabulous-- the kids next door were sledding down their driveway in their pajamas in the dark while their mom's car's headlights illuminated the way. It was so charming. And when we took Cleo out to play in the snow around 5, all the neighbors and their kids were out enjoying the big, fat, fluffy flakes. None of the kids had ever seen snow before, so it's pretty special. Cleo loved it. I hope the snow will stick and stay overnight so we can teach her how to make snow angels tomorrow. Or at least snow splats.

Query: We have a section of roof outside the master bath that is about 12 feet deep over the sunroom, and it is covered with a lovely blanket of snow. Which would be scarier: to see that creepy goblin from the Twilight Zone out there, or to wake up and find a perfect snow angel out there?

Lastly, in the painting zone, i'm still doing one painting a day. I've got 16 now in the new year. I had one little 6x6 on which I painted two ducks and named the painting "Bad Duck". Craig was very concerned about which duck was Bad Duck and why. He is now learning why she's a bad duck through a series of 6x12 paintings in which each strange landscape features one of Bad Duck's lost eggs. She's always losing her eggs! Bad Duck! Yesterday, a black rabbit came across the egg at midnight. Today, a nice rhinoceros named Phillipa found the egg in a patch of grass. Thank goodness these good Samaritans keep saving Bad Duck's eggs! I wonder who will find Bad Duck's egg tomorrow?

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