Monday, January 7, 2008

To the Liberty Bell!

In light of the caucuses going around and much confusion over which would be the least evil in the upcoming elections, Craig and I have been discussing politics more than usual. Which for me, is more than two words, because i've never been one for yapping on and on about things that can't be changed. According to Craig, i'm a Libertarian, as I believe in paying taxes and being protected by the police, but I don't want the government to tell me what to do with my body from abortion to prostitution, although i'm not interested in either at the moment. According to Wikipedia, i'm a minarchist libertarian, defined as:

Some who self-identify as libertarians are minarchists, i.e., supportive of minimal taxation as a "necessary evil" for the limited purpose of funding public institutions that would protect civil liberties and property rights, including police, volunteer armed forces without conscription, and judicial courts.

But, hey, so was Thomas Jefferson! So i'm not *too* much of a loon. And I suppose I can continue to use "To the Liberty Bell!" as my catchphrase of the day, hereby replacing "It's a Christmas miracle!" I've checked out the Libertarian frontrunner, Wayne Allyn Root, and I must admit I agree with his posted opinions. Weird. I have a political philosophy other than pro-choice, anti-welfare, no-Bush.

I must be growing up.

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