Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hey, everybody, let's go punk!

Lately, I feel that i'm being haunted by Green Day. Their mainstream punkness makes them attractive to 4 out of the 6 stations programmed into my car, so there's a bit of a Groundhog Day effect as I flip through the radio. That's always cracked me up-- how bands built on anarchy, rebellion, bucking the system, hating the man and general punkitude can be beloved by the masses and media and shoved down everyone's throat constantly. Oh, sweet irony!

Speaking of irony, why is it supposed to sleet and snow tonight? Because we bought tickets for CATS at the Fox Theatre, of course! And because i'd planned on going to Lush at Lenox tomorrow morning to satiate my craving for natural beauty products that smell of something besides lavender. I needs me my Jungle and Retread, baby! I've never seen CATS in any form, outside of the Women's Choir performance back in high school, so i'm pretty excited. I keep getting images of Marge Simpson sitting in the aisle with her little mouth turned down, breathing, "Don't interact with me, don't interact with me...", and then the cat comes up and grabs her and makes her dance, and she makes that lovely little "mhmmmhmhmhhff" sound of resignation.

So i'm off to the car. I'm sure it'll be 3 stations of various Green Day and at least one commercial where a Cheez-E Burrito Supreme tries to get a job as an astronaut, which is the sort of commercial that really, really gets me craving Cheez made out of propylene glycol and red #12. Seriously, who actually responds to these commercials? The same people who click on emails from Nigeria and forward public service announcements about Penny Brown and orange toilet spiders? The same people who pay $40 for socks at Banana Republic when they're made by the same Malaysian 6-year olds making the $4 socks for Target? The same people who have "How to Save a Life" as their ringtone, bopping along like it's not a really sad song about attempted suicide?

I do not appear to be the target demographic for my generation, is all i'm saying.

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