Wednesday, January 30, 2008

aye, sorr, womitin' bad

Well, i've been punished for complaining about yesterday.

I woke up nauseated and ended up puking in a trash can, on my feet, on my pants, on my jacket, you name it. It was totally like that one night I got drunk in college! Except it went on all day. And it was totally gross. Like, I saw my stomach acid. I felt like the queen Alien or something. My sweet husband came home to help take care of me and Cleo, and I have no idea what we would have done without his tender care, since I spent most of the day balled up on the floor, mouth-breathing and staring into space.

I have now downed my 2nd glass of Gatorade without puking, so i'm going to bed to hug my husband.

Also, if you have touched me, my child, or my stuff in the past 4 days, BEWARE. Bathe in Clorox if you must. This plague is awful, and I hear we're still germy for 4 more days.


elaine said...

This is the grossest blog entry ever. But I had to comment that I LOVE James Herriot books and laughed when I saw the title of the post.

delilah said...

Yay! Somebody got it! But I didn't eat trash. =)