Monday, December 31, 2007

Sometimes I doubt my commitment to Sparkle Motion.

Yeah, I know, 2 Donny Darko references in one week, but so it goes.

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed something trashy and fun to read, so I signed up for a subscription to Self. It seems like the least detrimental women's mag. Then a screen popped up offering a $6 subscription to any other magazine. I clicked on one called "Cookie" that I had not heard of before, just to find out more, and was informed that I had just subscribed. Wuh?

It arrived in the mail last week, and I hate it. I kinda hate it more than Baby Talk and all those super-uber-duper mainstream free mags that exist only to sell formula and sugary yoghurt. Because Cookie is just as mainstream, but with the added bonus of this haughtier-than-thou, ritchie-rich attitude. $300 silver teething rings, gift guides advising fox fur collars for mommy, websites for $10 gourmet marshmallows, trips to Vancouver. And it acts like these things are totally normal for all moms, that $20 for a toy is "nothing". I've never been the kind of person that wanted to live a lavish lifestyle, but if I did live a lavish lifestyle, it STILL would be nothing like the lifestyle Cookie advocates.

For example, the cover star is Kristy Turlington, and the topic is her many worthy causes. And when you get to the article, there are lots of pictures of her children in $500 dresses with the cast of The Nutcracker, and it mentions that she supports ballet. Then it lists 3 other causes, with no info about them, and goes on to give pithy quotes about how Kristy loves the opera and is just so down-to-earth that her daughter is impressed when she puts on a dress. And i'm totally rolling my eyes, because the article says NOTHING-- about Kristy as a mom, about her dedication to causes. Just pleasant pablum about how earthy she is juxtaposed against what a luscious life she leads, and it makes me hate her.

Contrast that with Self's story on Keri Russell about how she breastfeeds and babycarries and sometimes doesn't wash her hair, and there's a reason I sent my check to Self but not to Cookie. I even pulled out Cookie's customer survey to tell them how little their magazine appeals to me. Blech. Cookie makes me feel the same way Vanity Fair makes me feel-- disgusted with rich people and people who want to be or pretend to be rich. There's so much more to life, and there's so much more to say, and these articles are written to either make people say, "Hmm, Buffy, that Kristy Turlington is both rich and generous to be appealing without making me feel guilty," or "Hmm, Chase, i'm glad we're rich. Tell the nanny to bring the kids by, after they've been bathed, so we can give them that Babar pull-toy."

Anyway, Cookie can shove it. That's all i'm saying.

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