Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's the little victories...

I am having a fabulous holiday weekend full of little victories!

1. We're shopping for a small SUV/wagon. Which is fabulous, because i've been driving Trigger the WonderCivic for 8 years now and would love to be able to put Cleo in the carseat without knocking myself in the skull. I'm currently mentally writing love notes to the Hyundai Santa Fe, but i've got a blind date with a Toyota RAV-4 tomorrow. Both Mazda models under consideration were knocked out of the running due to turbocharging/premium gas (CX-7) and Consumer Reports "rollover" report (Tribute). And when I get a safe new car that can fit two car seats, that means I get to get pregnant again! Woohoo!

2. Today I found on sale at Target for $25.04 a Peg Perego Aria One-Hand stroller in mint. If you're not a mommy on the hunt for the perfect stroller, i'm sure that means nothing to you. But if, like me, you refuse to pay $200+ for the stroller you really want and have been placating yourself with used strollers from consignment sales for $20 or less, a new and attractive stroller that meets all needs and exceeds all expectations is an enormous coup. I mean, I love my carriers and i'm 100% with babywearing, but it's hard to go for a 5 mile hike with a 20-pounder strapped to your chest. The Aria retails for $199.99, and my Target doesn't generally carry them, so why this one was on an endcap for 1/8 the usual price is beyond me. I just gleefully shoved it in the buggy and ran to checkout before someone noticed. It reminded me of going to Richway in 1983 to get a Cabbage Patch Kid and trying to walk through the store with mad-eyed moms trying to rip poor Sherri from my innocent, loving six-year-old arms. Except no one tried to grab it. I have assembled it, and it rocks, and i'm naming it George. So long, Veronica, Ugly Betty, and Pretty Bitchface! (my previous 3 strollers). Again, woohoo!

3. Cleo's transition to the crib is going great! It started as a rocking, singing, nursing bonanza for 2 hours. Then we pared that down to 30 minutes over the course of a week. Now i've introduced music on CD, and I don't have to sing myself hoarse, and it only takes 15 minutes of rocking to get her to sleep. She's napping well in the crib and sleeping there at night from about 8:45 to 2am. Which means i'm actually getting to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time for the first time in 15 months, which is tremendous. Cosleeping has its merits, but she's getting a bit big and thrashy, and we're all sleeping better. Woohoo!

4. We went shopping on Black Friday and got some great deals! Craig got 2 awesome sweaters, I got a cool pair of slip-on Sketchers and a huge, heavy robe to replace the one lost in the move, and we got a Fiestaware platter for my dad, who keeps breaking all his dinner platters. Yes, my dad is so big that he can't eat off a plate like normal people; he sits on the couch with a pillow on his stomach and eats off a platter. It's kinda Roman/hedonistic, but we still love him. I've feared shopping on Black Friday my whole life, but we had a great experience at Kohl's around 10am. Even Cleo enjoyed it, with so much to see. Lots of sparklies.

5. I haven't had processed sugar in 10 days! To be quite honest, I didn't know if I was capable of lasting this long. I dreamt last night that there was a huge conspiracy involving the CIA, ex-Iraqi special forces, and an entire Broadway cast to trick me into eating a piece of cake. I got 3 bites in, realized what had happened, and started crying. How crazy is that? And I got through 2 Thanksgiving feasts without a single dessert or iced tea. And my grandma's ice tea is so good that is was harder to resist than the cupcakes and cookies at Uncle Mike's house.

6. The painting i'm working on kicks ass. Craig named it "Goodnight, Horses," and it's going to hang over our bed. I love it when a painting comes together. And now I want to focus on some work for the upstairs breezeway...

In conclusion, I am a happy panda. Happy Holiday weekend, everybody!

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