Sunday, November 25, 2007

I need my King Butterfly

Well, Craig, you asked for it, so here you go.

My husband rocks. Here's why, in no particular order...

1. He's my best friend. We laugh every day, often until we cry, and I can tell him every thought I have from the embarrassing to the hilarious to the horrid. There's nobody i'd rather be with.

2. He's hot. He's all lithe and muscley, and he's got cool hair and beautiful eyes and nice stubble and his clothes fit him perfectly. He walks like a cat. He's got a great knowing smile. He's got a really cute butt. Seriously. Look at this guy!

3. He's a great father. I love to listen to him laugh, play, tussle, and joke with our daughter. And when she says AUK! in the middle of the night, he'll go make up songs to sing her to sleep. It's amazing to watch their relationship blossom as she grows.

4. He's a great husband. He takes care of me. He always puts the family first. He keeps us safe and makes sure I have time for myself. He listens to me and provides excellent counsel. He's the consummate strategist.

5. He's interesting and has passions and pursuits and remains an active and evolving individual. He isn't content to sit back, gain weight, watch TV, and grow complacent with himself or the world. He's always plotting, thinking, feeling, searching out new things to learn or do or be, and he inspires and dmires this quality in me, too.

6. He loves my art. He doesn't fear it or attack it or think it's just a little hobby. He understands it's an intricate facet of who I am and actively supports every piece. Although he usually likes everything I do, he offers insightful critique when I need it most. And he understands that buying art supplies is important and special and necessary, not a splurge or demand. And he comes up with great names for pieces when they elude me.

7. He likes the same stuff I like, media-wise. To name just a small fraction of our shared interests: Venture Bros., The Tick, The Office, Firefly, Harry Potter, The Critic, Dr. Katz, Chappelle's Show, Troy, 300, Total Recall, Snakes on a Plane.... et al. His interest in Kurt Russell movies cancels out my costume drama interest, but otherwise we could be the same person. We very rarely disagree, which is lovely.

Honestly, who could ask for more in a companion, husband, and father?

Here's to you, pug. I love you!

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