Sunday, November 11, 2007

I am homeowner, hear me ROAR!

Today, I:

* purchased and hung curtains in the dining room
* transplanted 2 nandina bushes and covered them with lava rocks so neighborhood cats will (hopefully) cease to use my yard as a toilet
* planted an abelia where the nandinas used to be
* planted 2 wintergreen boxwoods in the planters on the front steps
* planted 15 tulip bulbs

And I still plan on finishing a painting of a silvery cheeked hornbill and hanging it in the kitchen, replacing an Ed Gilliam plate of a nude woman with a chicken head and hanging that plate in the downstairs bathroom.

I feel like Private Reich in Ravenous, that bit where he's in the frozen stream, shirtless, screaming savagely into the void in complete triumph.

I only hope a cannibalistic Robert Carlyle doesn't show up on the doorstep.

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