Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 2: The Subject Appears to be Suffering.

Two days without processed sugar. And I feel stupid and clumsy and have had a stomachache all day. And i've made several silly mistakes in the past two days, including going for a walk in today's 43 degree weather dressed in a tank top and thin sweater. And i've apparently been a wee bit grouchy. Just a wee bit. And i've been craving sugar so bad that I actually picked a piece of apple out of the trash can and tried to eat it. How sad is that?

It's sad. But it's an accomplishment.

In other wacky news, a branch fell on my friend's head today while we were walking the trails. Out of nowhere, in the whole park, a big ol' branch just fell on her. And she let go of her stroller, so I let go of my stroller to grab her stroller and 3 week old baby, so Cleo started rolling down the hill, so my friend had to recover from the branchwhacking and chase down Cleo, and Cleo was just watching me curiously with her little pink bobblehat bobbing in the blustery wind. So that was different.


Isabel Aven said...

wait, wait, wait! just one second... an apple doesnt have processed sugar though??? it's fructose. surely you are not cutting out fructose right? please clarify, otherwise i will have to send you a fruit basket and demand that you eat it, lest you whither up to nothing. don't go doing that!

delilah said...

Sweet lord, no, i'm sticking with fructose. It's just processed sugar i'm cutting out. I just saw my husband throw out a piece of apple and dove for it before thinking. I mean, I could have gotten myself a new, untrashy apple quite easily. It's the instinct that was creepy.

Thanks for worrying, though! Apples are my world. =)