Monday, November 5, 2007

Bob, cad I hab sub soup? And synesthesia ahoy!

I am sick for the first time since February 2005, and Cleo has her first cold ever. Woohoo, right? Wrong. My head, nose, and ears feel full of wax, my throat feels like sandpaper, my hands and feet are ice, and my poor little baby is in a great mood but running like a faucet from her adorable widdle nose. And it's 60 degrees in the house, so we're all bundled up fat as ticks.

The good news is that there's a big pot of white chicken chili in the fridge, and we've got the 6th season of Scrubs on DVD, and we don't actually have to *do* anything today, other than clean up a bit. It's so lovely being a stay-at-home mom! The time change isn't too big an issue, since we just wake up when we wake up. When I'm sick, there's no calling in, no battling with guilt and/or a recalcitrant boss, no covering shifts or clients, no loading up on ridiculous drugs that just mask symptoms with no real aid. We just keep our pajamas on and chillax to the best of our abilities and drink lots of fluids.

And whenever I blow my nose, Cleo thinks i'm talking about an elephant and makes an elephant sound right back at me!

In other news, I just remembered the other day that I have synesthesia. I mean, it's not like it goes away and comes back; rather, since it's normal for me, I forget it's abnormal for anyone else. There seems to be very little interest in synesthesia right now, compared to the late nineties, when it was quite the rage. The MIT synesthesia page hasn't been updated since 1997, and every email or website associated with it is defunct. My MAILER-DAEMON has been quite active!

I have been toying with focusing my next exhibit on synesthesia, or maybe doing a series of paintings for a children's book, something i've always wanted to produce. I was going to do a series on children playing, old toys vs. current TV and video game culture, but now I might switch it up to doing a series of encaustics on the colors and personalities of numbers, letters and names. Well, maybe not names, because no one named Jennifer will ever speak to me again if I do that. I've got a whole stack of 6"x6"s waiting, and I think 1 will be my first player, even though it's a weak and watery little sycophant of a number. Now 2, that's a number I can get behind!

I can't seem to find a single book on synesthesia geared to an age group under 13, but I also don't know if it would have appeal, since current research suggests that all toddlers are synesthetic to some degree, anyway, and it's not the most mainstream concept. And not many 3 year olds are running around accusing their teachers of making "M" the wrong color, which was my predicament.
Still, it would be kinda fun to talk about the personalities of numbers for little kids...

One, one, he is no fun
He's always blue and on the run

Two, two, is a brawny lad
He's always orange, jolly, and glad

Three, three, she's shy, you see
Lightest green like moss on a tree

Etc. It's an idea.

Off to expectorate.

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