Friday, November 9, 2007

Blockbuster? More like SCHLOCKbuster!

Yeah, i've been watching a lot of Scrubs. Zoom zoom zoom! Zach Braff reminds me of a really nice guy I used to date...

Anyway, I hate Blockbuster, and I wish that there were a way to rent movies that benefited nice people who aren't raging asshats. I plan on doing all handmade gifts for the holidays, and etsy has a "Handmade Holiday Pledge" of some sort, but there is no way to obtain movies without going to some horrible store-in-a-box and having to fork over your credit card number and be asked if you want any Coke products.

My mom gave me several Blockbuster coupons that offered 2 free movies, and I should have been leery, since she sends me forwards about orange toilet spiders and Penny Brown, but she said they were from her work, so I tried them. After 20 minutes in the store smelling the hideous McD's next door, I found 2 movies that might be bearable and toted my nearly eruptive toddler to the front counter in my spiffy Brick Birds Beco. And the snarfly little garflark behind the counter gave me a pissy little speech about how that's a big hoax, that someone Photoshopped it, and "Do you really think we give things away for free?" My response being, "No, because you're jerks, which is why i'm going to Big Choice Video instead".

It's ironic that I had no patience until I had a child, because now I have all this wonderful patience with her, until we're waiting in line at Walmart to buy deer corn, and we're behind a ginormous lady with 2 carts full of Walmart brand Slim-Fast and Ruffles, and Cleo starts to fall apart because i'm too polite to open the enticing bag of organic freeze-dried blueberries until i've purchased them, and I'm just stuck there in consumer purgatory, and then I totally lose my patience with the world, but not with her. And *then* I go to Blockbuster, and... argle bargle.

That being said, until our shopping trip, I was having a lovely day, full of playing at the sunny park with friends, delicious lunch with mom, and sewing my little heart out to make cozy corn bags for my family and friends. What better gift to give for the holidays than a flannel bag of deer feed?

I am a lucky woman.


Isabel Aven said...

ah, the deer feed! yes, yes.

i am going to ask the obvious here... but what about Netflix? no asshats involved, so far as i can tell.

delilah said...

Oh, hey!! We do Netflix and enjoy it, but you know how some days you just want something new for immediate gratification? It's like that. Craig will call me and say, "If you get a movie, i'll come home and watch it, but if there's nothing new to watch, i'll go train," so i'll have to come up with something pretty quick. Luckily, we have one Hollywood Video left in the area, and they're not too horrible. I just miss those days in the 80's when you could go to Crabapple Video and know you were supporting Jeff and his family, you know?