Saturday, October 27, 2007

Redneck Ribaldry v.1

On the main road that leads to our neighborhood, there is a major eyesore that provides loads of entertainment each time we drive by: a single-wide trailer resplendent with every redneck trapping imaginable. It's perfect-- it should be in a museum. From the barbed-wire fence around the single-wide, to the 3 cars out front, to the overgrown yard littered with sun-bleached baby toys, to the filthy grub in a diaper eating trash on the front porch, to the flames painted proudly on the 90's Toyota. Lordy, do I feel sorry for their neighbors.

Anyway, today I saw the most redneck thing EVER. A woman and a man were fighting on the front porch-- like, fingers-in-the-face fighting. Jerry Springer fighting. And she was wearing nothing but a Nascar T-shirt and her underwear, which were gold satin bikinis. On the front porch! Of a single-wide trailer! On a main road! Right off a highway! IN HER UNDERWEAR!

It was awesome. Made me think of Six Flags.

eh, so this is blogging?

Testing, testing. Wait, I hate Times. Arial, maybe?

Okay, much better. This is my first blog post since my husband requested I quit MySpace due to the proliferation of exes who wanted to chat, despite the big, fat, preggo-picture I had posted predominately. So we'll see how this works.

I am having a fabulous day. Went to a consignment sale; sadly, the last of the season. Got the old, cheetah-splashed stroller i've been eyeing since July, but for $7.50 instead of $35, which is a lovely coup. Got some cute clothes and a couple of balls and a rubber duck with Godzilla skin. What a fun and useful hobby 1/2 price Saturdays can be! Came home, cleaned up my car, put the stickers on my plate, cleaned up some more things, sought lunch, got Cleo to sleep and am now trying to find a swap object for another mama who doesn't currently eat milk products, thereby nullifying my original swap gift.

So i'm going to go do that now.